Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are suffering from the effects of a workplace injury or illness, you have the right to receive various benefits including money, medical care, and help with retraining.
The system established to provide these benefits is very complex and confusing. There are many rules which must be followed and timelines which must be observed. Not following the rules and/or not meeting these timelines can result in receiving less compensation than otherwise would be due to you.

The insurance companies which provide workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers are in business to make money. One way that they make money is by limiting the monetary benefits paid to you and by denying your access to medical care.

It is very difficult to protect your rights without the assistance of a trained professional. Even very well-educated people have trouble understanding the multiple notices and specialized language contained in the letters which they receive from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Wouldn’t you feel better if you had someone to call when you receive one of these letters, someone who you can trust to be on your side?

Workers’ compensation cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. If we accept your case, there is no fee unless we recover benefits for you. My fees are generated from the benefits which you receive in your claim. You will never have to reach into your own pocket to pay me any money.

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